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Trustable Data Enables Trustable Universe

Our Data  Models are unique
Find Out How?


Our footprint is consistently expanding in the data space. We provide accurate data for a variety of industries to improve the community and diversity, through Our data models.


The Data solutions that we provide are consistently authenticated and validated ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Our Data is secured, protected and is trustable. The data provided is in multiple formats that are industry friendly.


The data, we capture, is produced from internet of things(IOT), sensors, devices, and other authorized sources that pertain to education, energy, entertainment, earth. The Data models  also supports

  •  Demographics

  •  Revenue 

  •  Credit History

  •  Independent business owners

  •  Providers 

  •  Healthcare Sectors

  •  Vehicle 

  •  Public & Private sector


     Many more........


IT Management

Pandemic Analytics



COVID-19 (1) (1).webp


Want to find Corona virus-infected hot spots?

Data calibration is the fastest way to locate the impact of a pandemic when it is rapidly spreading across a demographic.

We use an artificial intelligence model that shows the behavioral analysis of various populations.

We get authenticated data sets from The analytical research outcome and visualization are the key to finding the potential hot spots of the infection.

Data about the corona virus spread helps humans to prevent disease. These data sets are modeled and are AI and  Machine learning savvy.

Prevention is better than cure.


Regions of Virus spread

Hospital in Radius

Safety measures

Checking spots



Preventive measures

Test centers

Service Providers


Life saving Decisions

Enabling Services

Preventive encounters

Increased Social distancing

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